Luke Ganje - Author

"Luke Ganje knows what it means to leave blood on the page- and I don't mean violence, although that happens too. I mean that his writing goes straight for the jugular, eliciting visceral emotions- love and hate, triumph and loss, faithfulness and betrayal- that anyone can relate to. His narrative voice is by turns witty, incisive, or angst-ridden, but always true to the viewpoint character...whether or not that character's view can be trusted. His work shows tremendous promise in all the ways that matter most, and has left me anticipating the stories to come."

- Eldon Thompson, Author of The Divine Talisman


One of the great minds once wrote "Courage and confidence are practical necessities...courage is the practical form of being true to existence, of being true to truth, and confidence is the practical form of being true to one’s own consciousness." And so, in the spirit of this quote, I would like to introduce myself with as much confidence as a solitary writer can muster: I'm Luke Ganje. And I like to tell stories.

Even before I began writing I had always thought "words" to be the one piece of humanity's puzzle that we absolutely must utilize with care, wonder, and understanding. They have the ability forge relationships and create worlds just as easily as they're able to change lives with such simple utterances as "I love you." But while this awe-inspiring beauty is attainable, there will always be another side to the coin...a balancing of the scales lest it all become too easy. This is never so clear as when it's seen in the great evils spoken and tragic missteps stated that can effortlessly destroy both your creations and the creations of others. As is always the case when it comes to things of this nature, care must be taken lest irrevocable harm be allowed to change tales of happiness to those of tragedy.

The employment of this gift is fraught with a peril that will always walk a tightrope's line alongside the countless beauties it can also provide. I don't know what my words mean to the masses or if they will ever find the right eyes or change a life, but I do know that I write out of a desire to answer the questions that puzzle me each day as I wake and every night before I drift away to another world. It could be said quite accurately that, first and foremost, I write for myself out of a desire to understand the world I live in and the emotions I feel because of it. Yet it could also be said that I write for many of you as I know there must be those who have wondered just as I wonder and dreamed just as I dream.

I won't promise an epiphany or a solution to the riddle of life, but you're more than welcome to accompany me on my journey as I try to uncover the clues to a mystery we all wish to solve. And if you take me up on this offer, well, who knows where the road may lead.

Until We Meet Again,
Luke Ganje